Egyptology Mission In San Francisco

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Should we call this cinematology? Archaeologist Dr. David West Reynolds of the science media organization Phaeton Group is accustomed to studying ancient Egyptian architecture in the land of the pharaohs, but for the Alexandria Project he turned his efforts to the documentation of a splendid Egyptian monument in our own back yard.

"Extraordinary architecture like the Alexandria Theater," says Dr. Reynolds, "is worthy of attention and preservation whether it stands in Egypt or America. Today's economics mean that buildings like this can no longer be built. When such monuments are allowed to deteriorate, they cannot be replaced. With this in mind I decided to take a Phaeton field team into this modern monument to preserve a record of its outstanding art. This theater contains superlative Art Deco work in both structure and decor. Centuries from now, Art Deco may well be remembered as the highest artistic achievement of American culture."


Images: Phaeton image by Anderson Gin and David West Reynolds

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