37th Avenue

37th Avenue in 1913

From San Francisco Chronicle article, Saturday January 18, 1913, "Sunset Fast Becoming Beautiful Residence Suburb":

"Rows of new, artistic homes in Sunset district. [...] modern residences erected on the west line of Thirty-seventh avenue, at Lincoln way, by L.U. Grant.

37th Avenue in 2000

(Advertisement beside San Francisco Chronicle article)

"L.U. Grant
Is Making 37th Ave. Beautiful
Whole Block of New Homes
of Latest Designs
Lincoln Way to Irving St. on 37th Ave.
Some are already occupied. All are near completion.
$4500 and up
All Easy Terms
25 minutes From Chronicle Bldg."

L.U. Grant ad for 37th ave homes "These residences have 8-foot garage, basement, terrazzo steps, pine, elm and oak interior finish, with latest designs of papers and tapestries. Each house is provided with sleeping porch, etc., and have a permanent marine view.

"All light and phone poles are placed in rear of lots, leaving the streets free for the placing of palms, flowers, etc. All houses are restricted to cost, distance back from street, etc., making in the whole a beautiful boulevard effect.

"Mr. Grant is always on the premises and anxious to show these homes to all who wish to see them.

"Take Ellis-St. cars to 37th Avenue, Houses are in this block between Lincoln and Irving Street."

Images: 37th Avenue in 1913, San Francisco Chronicle. 37th Avenue in 2000, WNP photo.

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