"A" Geary-Park Streetcar Line

From 1912 to 1932, the end of the line for the Municipal Railway A-line was 10th Avenue and Fulton Street. The Muni Route #1 bus met the A streetcar to take passengers across Golden Gate Park. December 1917., 1917 - Courtesy of Jack Tillmany

The above photo shows Car 101 at the terminus of Tenth Avenue and Fulton Street, December 1917. The "1 Park" bus in the photo traveled from the A-line terminus as a shuttle through Golden Gate Park to the Sunset District. The house behind the bus, 798 Tenth Avenue, built by Fernando Nelson's company, stands mostly unchanged today.

Service begun: December 28, 1912 by the Municipal Railway

Route: From the Ferry Building (eventually, after the line was extended east from Kearny in 1913) to Tenth Avenue and Fulton Street, via Market, Geary, and Tenth Avenue.

Rail service end: December 5, 1932.

Municipal Railway car #2 on the A-line at 10th Avenue and Fulton Street in 1913., 1913 - Courtesy of Emiliano Echeverria.

Sources: Jack Tillmany; John Coll; The People's Railway, Anthony Perles, Interurban Press, 1981; Inside MUNI, John McKane and Anthony Perles, Interurban Press, 1982.

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