Richmond Banner, Friday, December 5, 1930

Richmond Banner Masthead, 1933, 1933 -

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Restaurant at 519 Clement Street. - Richmond Banner, December 5, 1930

Looking At It From Here

by S.G.T.

(Note from the year 2008: "S.G.T." was Sinclair G. Trimble, the Banner's publisher. "Looking At It From Here" was his regular front page column.)

Battle after battle for local improvements that have taken years have resulted in victories in the past few months. The future looks so bright that to dwell on it appears for the moment to be merely ballyhoo designed to dispel the "depression psychology." Such giant victories as success in the twenty-seven year campaign against dilapidated cemeteries, now to be exchanged in part for a university campus, the fulfillment of a dream of a generation of a Golden Gate bridge and the first real increase in street car service in eighteen years makes the victory this week in the two-year branch library fight look small by comparison.

The realtors seem to be the groundhogs (no pun intended) of the coming boom. Not that they are coming out of their holes to stay but they report increasing "inquiries" which, when money conditions catch up, means eventual transactions.

They deserve to be the first . While most people date financial depression to October 1929, when the stock market "broke," local realtors have been "out" since about 1925. They feel it is their turn next to be the financial fashion while stock promotion based on national mergers, is in the same category as war---both need a new generation of "suckers" to be born.

Any residential district that has stores enough to place Christmas lighting along forty city blocks is a "going concern" and is a better investment than Consolidated Peanuts of the Bermudas, Inc., first prior preferred.

Right now, if you want to do your bit to show your heart is in the right place, buy a string of lights to place on your door, in your window or to outline your shrubbery during the coming season of Good Cheer and Good Will. Light is a great symbol of all that is good and wise and it beats the old-fashioned horseshoe above your door.

Talking about progress and lighting and all of that, Fulton street continues to be the district step-child. The terrible street lighting and the proximity of Golden Gate Park makes it a sort of happy hunting grounds for hold-up men. Several items have appeared in the daily press the past week that show how invisible both lights and policemen are on that thoroughfare. And now to add to the robbers' delight, several new gasoline station permits are sought for Fulton street. Operation of such cash-collecting business establishments should at least be postponed until Supervisor Stanton's committee properly lights the street and Captain Wright's police officers get a few of their men.

Walter G. Campbell Ford Dealer, 3855 Geary Street - Richmond Banner, December 5, 1930

That's BAD!

It appears that your Uncle Samuel, in the mail business, has added insult to injury to the Geary boosters. Hardly had the Gearyites finished complaining about Uncle's ruling that they get only residential service of two deliveries a day but collections get cut as well and the mail box at Eighteenth avenue and Geary street, that aspires to be the busiest intersection in the district, contains the notice that for Sunday collection go to Nineteenth avenue and Clement street. This is part of Uncle's new skip-stop system of picking up Sunday mail, but to neglect the prize corner of the prize street of all San Francisco is to the Geary boosters a mixture of blasphemy, treason, bolshevism and general insanity. Some of the boys have even threatened to vote Democratic at the next election. Republican deputy sheriffs are frankly worried and have asked Congresswoman Kahn's aid to keep Geary in the party of the full dinner pail and the empty mail box.

New Library Site Gets School Board Transfer

The year 1930 brings yet another big victory for the improvement club workers of the district!

The board of Education voted this week to turn over the lot formerly used by the Lafayette School. Thirty-seventh avenue between Geary and Anza streets, to the Board of Library Trustees for a new $75,000 library. This has long been the favored site of local residents for the proposed new branch library but delay is said to have been caused by the school board's desire to receive financial consideration form another city department.

The move of the present week is expected to result in the early erection of the building, for which a campaign of two years had been waged.

Ads for C&B Chicken Rolls and Paradise Tamale Cafe in the Richmond District. - Richmond Banner, December 5, 1930

Pioneer David L. Guthrie Passed to Rest

David Guthrie, a Richmond district pioneer, died from a heart attack on November 26, 1930. "When the old house came to Sixth avenue in 1891 there wasn't a building on the street from the Presidio to the Park, and from the first it was a gathering place of all the young folks around about."

Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie conducted the Durham Farm Dairy till its absorption some dozen years ago.

Contributors to San Francisco's Longest Stretch of Christmas Lights, 28 Blocks

The Geary Street Merchants' Association at its meeting on Monday, October 6, at the Koffee Kup, definitely decided to campaign for funds among the merchants and property owners on Geary street for the purpose of installing Holiday Lights during December. Beginning at First Avenue, the following amounts have so far been subscribed:

* Property Owner.

First to Second Avenues
Larkins & Co., at First ave, $10
J. Catarina, Ladies' Tailor, 390 Second ave, $5
Standard Oil Co., Geary, First, 12th and 24th, $5

Second to Third Aves.
Walter G. Campbell, Fords, Third ave., $25

Third to Fourth Aves.
Bray & Monohan, Grocers, Fourth ave., $5

Fourth to Fifth Aves.
Ed. E. Gillon, Lumber and Hardware, 3936 Geary, $25
Richmond Coal Co., 3907 Geary, $2

Fifth to Sixth Aves.
French Hospital, at Fifth ave., $10
* John Sajus, 4037 Geary, $2.50

Sixth to Seventh Aves.
Julius Brunton & Sons, at 7th, $10
Ashley & McMullen, Funeral Directors, at 6th, $5

Seventh to Eighth Aves.
Park-Presidio Community Ch., at Seventh ave., $5
Red Feather Carpet Cleaning Co., 4335 Geary, $2.50

Eighth to Ninth Aves.
McAvoy, O'Hara & Co., Funeral Directors, at Ninth ave., $10
Dan Curran, Florist, 4446 Geary, $5
* Thomas Kilkenny, 4436 Geary, $5
Herman's Delicatessen, 4435 Geary, $5
Ginotti Coal Co., 4419 Geary, $5
Martin Kilkenny, Cigars and Stationary, 4438 Geary, $2.50
Dunne Floral Shoppe, 4439 Geary, $2.50

Ninth to Tenth Aves.
Hibernia Bank, at Tenth ave, $10
City Coal Co., near Tenth ave., $10
Pacific Telephone Co., at Ninth, $5
* Henry Witte, $5

Tenth to Eleventh Aves.
* P.M. McGushin, at Tenth ave, $10
Carey & Lilly, Grocers, 4615 Geary, $2.50

Eleventh to Twelfth Aves.
Si Kragen, Point Lobos Garage, at Eleventh ave., $10
Willy's Candy Shop, 5051 Geary, $2

Twelfth to Thirteenth Aves.
Granfield's Inc., Super Service Station, at Funston ave., $25

Fourteenth to Fifteenth Aves.
Ye Bean Potte Bakery, 5047 Geary, $2.50
Marigold Pie Shop, 5024 Geary, $1

Fifteenth to Sixteenth Aves.
Hyman Bros., 5138 Geary, $20
Lindy Electric, 5124 Geary, $10
Vanity Box Beauty Parlor, 5120 Geary, $4
H.J. Rulfs, 5101 Geary, $3
Geo. Tsaglakis, at Fifteenth ave., $2.50
Park Boulevard Cleaners, 5108 Geary, $2.50
Art Woodworking, 5122 Geary, $2.50
John Hanson, Painter, 5139 Geary, $2.50
Fred's Smoke Shop, 5142 Geary, $2
Dispensary Drug, at 16th ave, $2.50

Sixteenth to Seventeenth Aves.
G.A. Draeger, Delicatessen, 5201 Geary, $10
Muller's Bakery, 5219 Geary, $5
Mercer's Pharmacy, 5229 Geary, $2.50

Seventeenth to Eighteenth Aves.
Lang Realty Co., 5300 Geary, $10
Cutler & Co., Real Estate, 5332 Geary, $5
Geo. A. Wara, Plumbing, Heating, 5346 Geary, $5
Dixie Dixon, 5325 Geary, $5
* O.W. Sammett, 1031 Rivera, $3
* B. Kaplan, 546 Seventeenth ave., $3
Quandt's Candy Shop, 5335 Geary, $3
Tobin Smoke Shop, 5318 Geary, $1

Eighteenth to Nineteenth Aves.
Martin F. Ross, The Koffee Kup, near Eighteenth ave., $25
Alexandria Theater, at 18th ave., $25
American Trust Bank, at 18th, $10
Helwig's Bakery, 5427 Geary, $10
Richmond Jewelry Co., 5447 Geary, $10
Friendly Shop, 5437 Geary, $10
Hersch's Dept. Store at 19th ave., $10
Goldenrath's Delicatessen, 5423 Geary, $10
Kaffen's Smoke Shop, 5409 Geary, $5
* Andrew Gray, 5421 Geary, $5
Alexandria Garage, 378 18th ave., $5
Geary Street French Laundry, near 18th ave, $5
Bonnie's Smoke Shop
Waxman's Bakery, near 19th ave., $5
Jewell Hat Store, 5442 Geary, $1.25

Nineteenth to Twentieth Aves.
West Geary Branch, Bank of America, at 19th ave., $10
* Carl V. Sachs, 846 26th ave, $10
Alexandria Market, 5509 Geary, $5
Maack & Sander, Delicatessen, 5515 Geary, $5
Geary Hardware Co., 5525 Geary, $5
Irene Bryan, Lawyer, 5529 Geary, $5
Geary Beauty Parlor, 5541 Geary, $5
J. Jawitz, Ladies' Tailor, 5542 Geary, $5
Gallankamps, Shoes, 5505 Geary, $3.50
La Toinese Delicatessen, 5537 Geary, $3

Twentieth to Twenty-first Aves.
Anglo California Bank, at 20th, $20
Kelly's Tavern, 5616 Geary, $10
Martha Washington Candies, 5636 Geary, $20
F.W. Woolworth, 5641 Geary, $10
Evergreen Pharmacy, at 20th ave., $5
M.M. Twomey, at 21st ave., $5
Chris Becker, Jeweler, 5645 Geary, $5
Merit Shop, 5629 Geary, $5
Tavern Smoke Shop, 5622 Geary, $5
J.A. Oles, Shoes, 5643 Geary, $2.50
Alexandria Art Shop, 5633 Geary, $2.50
Popular Restaurant, 5625 Geary, $2
Geary Shoe Repair Shop, 5607 Geary, $2

Twenty-first to Twenty-second Aves.
T.F. Ormond Co., at 21st ave, $10
R.H. Norton, The Weekly Herald, 5715 Geary, $10
Great Western Food Stores, at 19th ave. and 21st ave., $10
Golf Palace, 5732 Geary, $10
Geary Quality Market, Fruit & Vegetable Dept., at 22nd, $10
Richmond Hardware Store, 5707 Geary, $5
Public Food Store, at 21st ave., $5
* Felix McHugh, 372 7th ave, $5
Stanford Bakery, 5741 Geary, $5
Dan Firpo, Shoe Store, 5748 Geary, $5
Wm. Klabunde, Candies and Stationery, at 22nd ave, $5
Dahl's Shoe Repair Shop, 5727 Geary, $2.50
* Wm. Bose, 307 21st ave, $2.50

Twenty-second to Twenty-third Aves.
Community Pharmacy, at 22nd, $5
R. D'Antonio, Furrier, 5808 Geary, $5
Family Market---
   Meat Dept., 5841 Geary, $5
   Fruit and Veg. Dept., 5841 Geary, $5
   Grocery Dept., 5841 Geary, $5
   Fish and Poultry Dept., 5841 Geary, $5
Family Pharmacy, Drug Store, at 23rd ave, $5
Paul Videcocq, Upholstery, 5848 Geary, $5
* G. Moscone, 5817 Geary, $5
Wm. J. McNevin, Tobaccos and Magazines, 5815 Geary, $2.50
Braun's Pet Shop, 5827 Geary, $2.50
Joyce Toggery, Ladies' Shop, 5812 Geary, $2.50
Chas Baez, Draperies, 5850 Geary, $2.50
Blue Bird Cleaners, 5840 Geary, $2.50
Cliff Barber Shop, 5838 Geary, $1
Spotless Cleaners, 5809 Geary, $1

Twenty-third to Twenty-fourth Aves.
Citizen's Transportation Committee, Hobart Building, $25
Edw. A. Kenney, Real Est., 5953 Geary, $5
* Lester Frank at 24th ave, $5
Pat O'Marie, Div. Supt. Market St. Ry., Clement at 32nd, $5
Golden Gate Pastry Shop, 5901 Geary, $5

Twenty-fourth to Twenty-fifth Aves.
Pat's Auto Repair Shop, 6027 Geary, $2.50
E. Homer, Furnishings, 6125 Geary, $2.50
Nolan's Service Station, at 25th, $2.50
* Mrs. L. Arnold, 6102 Geary, $2
Shore View Market, 6146 Geary, $2

Twenty-fifth to Twenty-sixth Aves.
Gus Moeller & Sons, 6260 Geary, $10
Jesse J. Alexander, 6253 Geary, $5
Konrad Klippel, 6249 Geary, $5
* Mrs. M. Schkade, 6230 Geary, $3
* G. Bruzia, 496 26th ave, $3
Hanretty Bros., Hardware, at 26th ave, $3
* Prof. G.B. Leane, at 26th, $2.50

Twenty-sixth to Twenty-seventh Aves.
* Lovella Arrington, 6210 Geary, $3
* J. Bruzia, 496 26th ave, $3
Sea Cliff Hairdressing Shop, 6209 Geary, $2.50
Alex Blair, Painter, 6211 Geary, $2.50
H. Schwied, Furrier, 6201 Geary, $2.50
Bayview Pharmacy, 6300 Geary, $2.50
* Mrs. W.T. Ericksen, 6209 Geary, $2.50
Swan Dress Shop, 6245 Geary, $2

Twenty-seventh to Twenty-eighth Aves.
Kenney's Circulating Library, 6312 Geary, $5

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