Re: old green streetcars, punchcards, tokens

07/09/07 - posted by Ken

I was about 10 when I showed my pal, Phil Gallen, how to re-insert the "hanging-punch" back into the ride ticket so it could be used again. We boarded a J-Church one day and Phil decided he would perform the manuver for his first time. I stood behind Phil as he handed his ticket to the streetcar operator. I forgot to tell Phil the trick wouldn't work if the punch completely separated from the ticket. Such was the case in Phil's initial attempt. The operator punched his ticket cleanly and the punch fluttered down to the floor, taking its place among thousands of other punches. Unswayed by this twist, Phil dropped to his knees and grabbed a handful of punches, with the operator looking right at him. Phil was ordered to hand over the contraband and swiftly booted off the streetcar.

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