Re: I'll pop for the transfer

07/10/07 - posted by jb

As if the cards where not bargain enough, those flimsy paper transfers were like icing on the cake...or in this instance; insult to injury. On one of my many sojourns, two kids in the back showed me a trick that, to this day, I repeat as ritual when ever taking puplic transportation. If you wrinkle up the transfer rubbing it back and forth while gripped between your thumbs and forefingers, form the "OK" sign with one hand and slowly push the transfer up through the circle formed until the paper edge just rests below this fleshy frame and then slam it down into the palm of your other will "pop" and fly stright up into the air and then parachute down and you can do it again. Drives old people nuts and delights children of all ages. Try it with a strip of your local newspaper, the keys being form, focus and lots of practice. Warning: Best done in the back of the bus so as not to get you booted off.

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