Re: I'll pop for the transfer

07/10/07 - posted by Bill Codori

I remember the car tickets, we used to buy ours at the car barn at San Jose and Geneva Ave back in the 50s when I was at both Denman and Balboa. We had to walk up these old stairs to this old door and then into this small room, it was thru an opening in a door where we'd but the ticket. I have an old car ticket my niece had from her school days in the late 60s and early 70s I have a picture (front and back) of the car ticket at

Also on that page is a photo of the old Mini token that were used at one time .... not sure when. Finally there's a picture of an old fare box like the type we all remember form the old days. The one I have is not a muni box but is from the Santa Clara transit system.

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