Re: old green streetcars, punchcards, tokens

07/13/07 - posted by Paul Rosenberg

There were 67 different kinds of transfers. The 1 and 2 series (1, 1A, 1B, to 1E, similar for the 2s) were blue-gray for the 1s and white with blue-grey printing for the 2s. The 1s were Richmond to downtown and the 2s for downtown to Richmond. The 3s (brown) were Sunset to downtown and 4s (white with brown printing) were downtown to the Sunset. The 5s were green with pink printing and were for outer Mission to downtown and the 6s were white green printing for downtown to outer Mission. The 7s were pink with green printing and were for the south to north lines on the eastern part of the city and the 8s were white with pink printing for the north to south lines on the east. The 9s were orange and for the rest of the south to north lines and the 10s were white with orange printing and north to south. The 11s were for the California cable (line 61) to Market and the 12s were for the Cal Cable to Van Ness. The 13s were for the Powell cables (lines 59 and 60) to Market and the 14s were for the Powell cables returning. Then the A to D transfers were for the collectors at the rear door. The As matched the 1 and 2 series, the Bs matched the 3 and 4 series, the Cs matched the 5 and 6 series and the Ds matched the rest. The E transfer was for the short line:
1 and 2: 1 California, 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, 4 Sutter, and 1 via 3
1A and 2A: 5 McAllister, 31 Balboa, and 38 Geary
1B and 2B: 21 Hayes
1C and 5C: 41 Union Howard (an exceptional transfer - two inbound transfers for one line)
1D and 2D: 45 Van Ness (and sometimes 80 Leavenworth)
1E and 2E: 55 Sacramento
3 and 4: K Ingleside, L Taraval, M Ocean View, and 8 Castro
3A and 4A: 6 Masonic, 7 Haight, N Judah, and 66 Quintara
3B and 4B: 16 Noriega Express, 71 Haight-Noriega, and 72 Haight Sunset
3C and 4C: 18 Sloat and 36 Miraloma
3D and 4D: 33 Park
3E and 4E: 17 Parkmerced Express
5 and 6: 9 Richland, 12 Mission-Ocean, 14 Mission, and 26 Valencia
5A and 6A: 11 Hoffman and J Church
5B and 5B: 51 Silver
5C and 1C: 41 Union Howard (see above)
7 and 8: 15 Third
7A and 8A: 42 Evans
7B and 8B: 25 Bryant
7C and 8C: 27 Noe
7D and 8D: 30 Freeway Express
9 and 10: 28 19th Avenue
9A and 10A: 24 Divisadero and 32 Embarcadero
9B and 10B: 19 Polk (and sometimes 80 Leavenworth)
9C and 10C: 22 Fillmore
9D and 10D: 47 Potrero
9E and 10E: 30 Stockton and 40 Commuter
9F and 10F: 43 Roosevelt
9G and 10G: 10 Monterey
9H and 10H: 35 Eureka
11 and 12: 61 California Cable
13 and 14: 59 Powell Mason and 60 Powell Hyde
A Collector's Issue east-west north of Golden Gate Park lines
B Collector's Issue east-west south of Golden Gate Park lines
C Collector's Issue for the 5 and 6 series
D Collector's Issue for the 7 through 10 series
E Lines 17 Parkmerced, 23 Crescent, 29 Visitacion, 37 Corbett, 39 Coit, 52 Excelsior, 53 Southern Heights, 81 Bacon Fitzgerald
The shoppers shuttle (lines 85 and 86, I think) did not use transfers.

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