Re: 21 transfers

07/15/07 - posted by jb

Wow...sure beats balling them in your fist to make a "pop."
Just reaffirms my belief that we, in Daly City, never really had our ear to the track...just a rumble felt far off in the distance.

I am very saddened to learn that Neva Chonin aka Live Rude Girl wrote her last column for the Chron today. IMNSHO, she was the next best thing to Herb Caen that the pink fishwrap ever published and I will miss her acerbic wit and go-for-the-throat writing that woke me up every Sunday...

But I am thankful to still have you all and want to share my appreciation of each and everyone who posts here. Thanks! You all make the past, present and future anything but tense and share a class all of your own. You remind me that in recalling our past, we find hope and a light at the end of the tunnel...hopefully, it is not the M car.

Warmest regards,

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