Re: old green streetcars, punchcards, tokens

07/08/07 - posted by jb

Thanks for taking this old wrinkled memory out of your wallets for an extra punch. I still tell any visitors I take into the City (and anyone else who will listen) about riding all over for a nickle.
Think I would buy mine at the Emporium in Stonestown and from there, would take busses and street cars just to see where they went. A regular prepubescent Kerouac, this was as close to hoppin' a freight train as a kid in suburbia could get. Hunter's Point, Visitation Valley, the outer Mission, I rode through these neighborhoods in states of wonder, marveling every time someone would pull the green cord and get off. I'd count the windows and imagine there was an entire TV sitcom going on behind each one, thinking the curved panes on the old victorians had a special advantage and infinitely more interesting stories to tell.

My favorite excursion was to Aquatic Park to see the old Italians play bocce ball and a swimmer if I was real lucky. Not much has changed for me, except the price of the ride.

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