Re: old green streetcars, punchcards, tokens

08/09/07 - posted by Roy Thomas

Could be John, guess I'm going to have to make a run over there & take a look. I'm pretty hazy, but remember a single track with a landing on the side away from the bay. There was an overhead shelter that ran the length of the platform I think. I do remember seeing the platform in place years after the tracks were removed. I lived in the city most of my life from 1931 until 1960. I lived north of Santa Rosa for eight years, then back to the Sunset for 2 years. I moved to South City for 3 years & then to Pacific Manor, Pacifica for 18 years. I retired in 1989 and moved to the east bay sunshine in 1994, where I happily reside. About the only time I get to the city anymore is to show visitors around. (So I'm a little rusty.)

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