Transfer use details

09/06/07 - posted by Stuart R. Paddock

Thanks, Paul for reminding us about the old style transfers. I still have my collection!!!! By the way, the eleven through fourteen series (used on the cable cars) had an elegant engraving-style line drawing of a cable car on them--very artistic. Also, the E series was used on various other lines over the years (besides the ones you listed), includeng the 34 Woodside, and the bus which for a time ran from Forest Hill Station up the the main entrance of Laguna Honda Home (now called a Hospital, many years ago called an "Alms House", but with essentially the same function over the years). The E transfers had a big letter "T" on them, which ment "take". The taking driver was then supposed to issue you a free transfer for his line, thus compensating the rider for the disadvantage (transfer-wise) of living on a "short line"

I am a collector of transportation tokens (we call ourselves "vecturists" (latin for "passage money"). There are about ten thousand known varieties from the United States alone. I am currently trying to find one of the metal promotional ride tokens issued by the Luxor Cab Company many years ago, when their phone number had a "Park" telephone exchange. Can anyone help?

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