Re: Transfer use details

09/07/07 - posted by Paul Rosenberg

Thanks, you're right about the 34 line. I tried to attach the lines of 1960 to the transfers. The 34 Woodside came some time later. I'd have to check 'Inside Muni' (the second of three volumes on the history of the Muni published in the 1980s) to get the startup date for the 34. Around 1960, the destination curtain of the old White busses then being phased out in favor of the leased Mack busses had 34 Eddy. The 34 line had also been 34 Marina which replaced the old 4 line (I think) which was a loop that connected the old F Stockton line which terminated at Scott and Chestnut to Jefferson and Broderick. The F and old 4 lines are now the 30 Stockton more or less.

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