The stuff that dreams are made of

09/10/07 - posted by jb

Shortcake, needing an excuse to wear her new hat, and I are giving serious thought about taking the Dashiell Hammett tour this Sunday that meets at the Main Library at noon. A Yahoo review clocks it at 4 hours and about 3 miles through Nob Hill and the Tenderloin and it runs only till the end of September.

Any of you gumshoes have some first hand experience with what sounds like a fascinating expedition? I'm recovering from some surgery but the 3 miles seems do-able over a 4 hour treck. The movie is fresh in my memory, having just watched it last week on TMC (thank God he didn't try to colorize it) and I guess, if push came to shove, I could always park my keister on a stool at John's Grill and order up the lamb chops.

Also want to have enough energy left to make the Monday nite gathering at the Cliff House. From what I gather, we take a left at Cowboy Bob in the lobby, look for the rowdies and duck when the bottles start flying.

Well, here's lookin' at you kids...all clues regarding this tour are appreciated.


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