Re: I liked it better when....

12/13/07 - posted by Mary-Ann

I liked the freedom when I was growing up to go just about anywhere in the city on a streetcar, a bike or walk, day or night without much fear. I liked that gas was 29cents a gal and the newspaper was a nickel or a dime and so was the show (no one called it the 'movies' then) and a streetcar ride with transfers. I liked that when WWII ended, for a very short time we could believe wars were over. I liked it when we thought if we ever earned $1,000 a month we'd have it made and there were no security guards at our high schools. I liked it when the sea wall was in good condition without graffiti or holes. I liked it when Sutro's was open for swimming & skating.

I like Louis' better now. although in retrospect the old dinky place had it's charm. I can definitely go for change when it's for the better - nothing can remain the same - and lots of things have changed for the better. But many of us think the way things were back when we were kids are 100% better than now. And that's not always the case. Still, many things were for sure better, (like the spelling and genders of street and lake names).

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