Re: I liked it better when....

12/15/07 - posted by Will

"or like what high school did you graduate from" If you're going to live in this country, you have to learn to speak the language properly in complete sentences. What did they teach you at St. Anne's?
I've mentioned that I did graduate from Lincoln after some rough teen years. It is stale and unhappy news.

Your first sentence should have read "From what high school did you graduate?"

I don't think technology helps any of the "vast amount of murder victims." It probably doesn't help even small amounts of murder victims. It sure helps crime victims in preventing them from becoming murder victims though.
Technology is only apart of the discussion. It alone does not make the difference.
Your good old days may have been fine for you, but what about the other guy/gal?
Would you like to fight a fire with fifty year old equipment?
Ever wonder why so few women, Asians, Blacks, and handicapped people mourn the loss of the "good old days'?

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