Re: I liked it better when....

12/14/07 - posted by Will

If 'cartographically' was not a word, it is now. I'm sure is is It sounds just fine.
My favorite coinage is 'circumflatulation' which I trust is original.

Streetcar transfers! Those transfers Muni used when they had two-man cars required a PhD. to fathom. Each line had it's own, they were punched according to whether the car was in or outbound and, generally, you could use it to take another line that was roughly 90-180 degrees from the line of origin.

I liked it better when they figured out how to replace a heart valve without much trouble. When I was a kid, I'd be a dead man if I were as old as I was when the valve went bad.(Why do I want to say: "Dooh-dah, Dooh, dah"?)

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