Re: I liked it better when....

12/24/07 - posted by Paul Judge

I really liked it as a kid when the Post Office delivered mail two or three times each day during the week leading up to Christmas. Part of the ritual that served to rev up the excitement that my younger sister and I felt at the approach of Christmas was fetching the many Holiday Cards that fell through the mail slot in the door at the end of our alley way. Those college kids hired from USF and SF State to deliver the mail seemed mighty cool as they walked the block in their sneakers, jeans, and sweaters or varsity jackets.

Wed rush up the alleyway stairs to the pantry off the kitchen and urge our mom to open up the envelopes so we could see who had sent us cards. The cards with updates from relatives and friends across the country was particularly unique as we viewed photos of children we hardly knew and wondered what their lives were like in the towns or cities they lived in. Wed assess the collection of glitter or embossed cards for their beauty and judge their style. As the stack of cards grew we knew that Christmas was getting closer. The anticipation of the approach to Christmas was practically unbearable for us kids.

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