Re: I liked it better when....

01/15/08 - posted by Tim Dineen

My father drove a truck for Larabaru before joining the fire dept in 1955. (He took a huge pay cut to be a fireman!) It was the best sour dough in the city...

It's easy to mull over the good old days of our youth. As kids we didn't have any cares or worries. We were outside playing "arrow" and had no idea the folks were having trouble paying the $200.00/mo mortgage.

But on another note, kids were treated differently back then. I went downtown with my older brother when we were maybe 7 and 10 to see movies by ourselves. Heck, we went all over the place on the Muni or riding our bikes. We weren't coddled or made to feel that we were the center of the universe. And mom cooked ONE meal for the family. You ate it.

I'm glad I grew up in SF when I did. No desires to go back, but glad I had the experiences I did.

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