Re: I liked it better when....

02/22/08 - posted by Mary-Ann

Tim - We were at 2522 - 46th Avenue. I recently read in the Sunday Chron (I still take that - I need my SF weekly update) the house across the street at 2523 was for sale for a humungous price - something around $600K. We paid $12,500 in 1955 and sold it for $17,250 in three days in 1960. My dad said we didn't ask enough! Maybe so, but we had found a place in San Rafael and needed to sell quickly. This was a Jr Five with a room down. I must have passed that 'spooky' place going to the market on Taraval, but can't say I remember it.

A photo on this website has a view looking south on 46th from Taraval - there are no houses yet.

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