Re: I liked it better when....

02/24/18 - posted by Frank Dunnigan

It's like fingernails across a blackboard whenever I hear:

**Forest Hills (for Forest Hill)

**St. Francis Woods (for St. Francis Wood)

**Inner/Outer Parkside (it's all just Parkside)

**Doelger City (could be most of the Sunset, but today's mapmakers seem to think that it is strictly the area near Lawton Street)

**Balboa Hollow (Inner Richmond)

**Lower Nob Hill (Tenderloin)

**Broadway Street (it's just plain Broadway)

**Village Square (Diamond Heights)

**MUNI trains (they're streetcars)

**The 101/the 280 (drop the word "the"--that's L.A.-speak)

**New Lowell/New S.I. (time to drop the word "new"--they have been operating at their present locations for half a century--since 1963 and 1969 respectively)

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