Re: I liked it better when....

12/14/07 - posted by Frank Dunnigan

McAllister Street was a Jewish neighborhood, with places like the Ukraine Bakery wafting out the sweet smell of challah on a Sunday morning, plus all of the other ethnic food stores that would be open on a Sunday, dispensing all sorts of delicious treats. Keeping this post strictly on-target, however, I also liked the days when Herman's Delicatessen was still in operation on Geary around 8th Avenue. Our department at Bank of America order a catered Christmas buffet from them for 100 people in 1974 at the astoundingly low price of $1.75 per person. They supplied pound after pound of sliced meats and cheeses, stuffed eggs, salads, pickles, olives, breads, and condiments and even the plates, utensils, and napkins for that amount. Everyone was absolutely stuffed, and could hardly find room for all the See's candy that was being passed around.

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