Re: I liked it better when....

12/14/07 - posted by jb

I liked it better when:
Folks dressed up to go Downtown and men gave up their seats on the Muni.
The Fox Theater was alive and…well, like going to a royal palace.
The homeless had a place to live from 3rd to 7th St south of Market.
Townsend’s was open and had that terrific yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Bernstein’s Ship had come in and remianed anchored.
There were cafeterias with creamed spinach and modern art.
Cigars were hand-rolled on one side of Powell while Vegamatics were demonstrated on the other.
Restaurants names were limited to no more than 2 syllables.
People fed the pigeons and you could get your shoes shined... (perhaps cause and effect)
You could see your reflection in every piece of brass in town and in the coins at the St. Francis.
Barbers used a straight razor instead of hair spray.
Kids could go to Angel Island by themselves for the day
Playland was Great America.
Pennies were worth picking up, if only for good luck or to place on the car tracks.

The list is really endless but I like it now, too. Mostly because I’m not eye to eye with everyone’s Keister in a crowd...although sometime I wonder.

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