09/25/08 - posted by Mary-Ann

Karyn Ann - where on 46th Avenue did you live? Our first house was on 46th between Ulloa & Vicente. A picture on this website of the opening of the extension of the Taraval streetcar line to the zoo shows where our house would be a few years in the future. There were nothing much but sand dunes in the picture.

I remember this earthquake well & posted my recollections with the other messages.

Another earthquake story - must have been in the late 1960s. We were in San Rafael then and I was parked in front of the TV watching the noon news on channel 4 and eating lunch. I felt an earthquake rumble through. A couple of seconds later it hit the TV studio. The expressions on the two newscasters' faces were priceless. I think the comment was, "I think we just had an earthquake". Fortunately it was just a little quiver.

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