Re: THE BIG SHAKE OF 1957...revisited

01/30/15 - posted by Paul Judge

Excerpts from Alida Pearson’s journal are tops! Whether ’06, ’57, ’89 or last summer's Napa/Vallejo jolt - when the ground moved we took notice.

Below are some of the other threads regarding the March 22, 1957 Quake which caught many of us at School. More posts are likely referenced in other threads.

The biggest surprise I gleaned from recollections and accounts was to learn that prior to the big noontime shock that morning there had been two prior quakes. My class must have been outside at recess or I was jiggling around in my 1st grade chair - those shocks escaped my notice.,0#msgtitle,0#msgtitle,0#msgtitle,19#msgtitle,0#msgtitle,0#msgtitle

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