Re: THE BIG SHAKE OF 1957-Agida redux

09/02/08 - posted by jb

No kiddin' Cathy...the Presbyterians had a high school in SF?

37 makes perfect sense for a reunion:
In Numerology, 3 = Communication/interaction, Neutrality
7 = Thought/consciousness

OK..I was kiddin' and I presume you mean Presentation. Is your Alma mater still nurturing the minds and spirits of fine young San Francisco women or are they left to rely on the Mercy of others?

Have a wonderful time at your reunion and great choice. I remember their warm zabaoine which was like one step up from a Roy Rogers (or Shirley Temple if you didn't have a Y chromosome)on the I'm almost an adult-o-meter.

Enjoy your reunion and friends from school; there is something very special about people who have known you most of your life and will still talk to you.


Not everything is a joke to me...some things are puns.

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