Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

12/31/08 - posted by jb

Hi Ken,

Same Nelson who held up the Sumatomo pond bank at the Japanese Tea Garden? I'll deposit a penny in his memory, next time we are there and the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

In looking at these photos, from the balcony to the mural walls, it seems what caused the demise of these movie palaces and replaced them with a shoe box, 2 sizes too small, was the advent of the popcorn cup container. Once a kid could no longer flatten a popcorn box and toss it like a rock into the ocean or a wish upon a star (even if that wish was to hit some other kid in the head) our hopes and dreams came down like a final curtain.

Movie going became a visually passive event, devoid of any dynamic interaction. William Castle, in a last, valiant attempt to engage his viewers, tried to shock and shake us back into the theaters but it was too late.

I think George Lucas was the last kid to toss a popcorn box.

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