Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

12/31/08 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Hey W.M....thanks for the additional URL to the SF Library. I've poked around a lot on that site, but was not aware that this choice existed. Kind of a nice New Year's Eve gift from you....
All the talk about what we saw at the Parkside? Had yet another non-acid flashback. 1954. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Went to see it with St. Cecila girl classmates. Only co-watcher I remember was the lovely Valerie King. We left the show wanting to marry Howard Keel, sing like Jane Powell, and dance like Russ Tamblyn. And sing and dance we did. Down the street all the way back to Valerie's house (on 25th Ave, between Ulloa and Vicente). It's just too bad that Mr. Keel wasn't waiting in front of Valerie's house to propose to all of us.
I also apologize to W.M. for dumping popcorn on his head. Just be glad I didn't also baptize you with the remnants of my the boys used to do!

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