Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

01/02/09 - posted by Frank Grant

Reading all these posts help remind me of a couple more things since my original posting.

My brother Charles had a classmate from Parkside School who lived in an apartment right next door to the Parkside Theater. On occasion, when visiting him, we would crawl out a window in his bedroom and that would land us on top of our favorite theater. We would scamper all over that building and we had an outstanding view of the Parkside District and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. At that time all one could see beyond 30th Avenue or so were sand-dunes. We were lucky not to get cought, have an accident, or even worse than that. Kids do unusual things.

The norm back in the days I frequented this amazing theater, in the 1930s, black and white movies were the only thing that were shown. That is until the first full length Technicolor movie, Trail of the Lonesome Pine was shown. I still remember seeing it and the entire audience seemed to be excited by this new innovation.

As Bob Hope used to tell us, "Thanks for the Memories."


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