Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

12/30/08 - posted by jb

Thanks, W.M.,

Spent many a Saturday there with my cousins from 43rd & Ulloa and still have nightmares about the "The Beast from 40,000 Fathoms," which turns out to be a Ray Bradbury tale.

We used to get in for three 7-UP caps and a dime, the former, pilfered, like rare treasure, from the cap drop on those soda machines where the bottles were all lined up and 10 cents liberated one through that steel-fitted gate at the end of the line. Truth be known...we'd, on rare occasion, pop a few caps from those in the lineup: I suspect there was a group of young thugs who followed behind us with straws stolen from Zim's.

Today, I rue going to the movies for fear of flesh-eating drug-resistant TB and cell phone death rays...Yes, those Saturday matinees in the 50-60's made a very deep impression. Ironically, now I'll bet they have popcorn with canola oil and high fiber treats at the snack bar. How I long for the time when ignorance was both bliss and scary in a good way; when no one worried if Chocolate Babies were PC and 50 cents would buy a kid a full days adventure and a week's worth of stories.

Today, I wonder if kids have the attention span to sit through a double feature, 3 cartoons and a serial adventure. Maybe Ritalin is the new Good & Plenty?

I also recall my cousins were "Polly seed" addicts (who knew what "sun flowers" were in the Sunset) and we'd need to move at least 3 times since they'd drop a pile of the husk, ankle deep, around our feet. As for me...give me Milk Duds or give me death!

See you in the lobby,

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