Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

12/30/08 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

I remember The Beast...I was still living at The East Coast then, and I wonder what was so scary! It was black and white, no computer generated anything, and probably had a budget of $750 (no commas), with no A list cast members. I wasn't scared enough to leave, but those early 50s junky horror films seemed much more terrifying than the vivid color, special effects films of today.

It is interesting what frightens people. Until very recently, the most sophisticated people were very innocent by today's standards. Look at Dracula (1930s) with Bella L.: Black and white, ridiculous make-up and acting, and everyone had nightmares!

I spent my first years in SF attending The Irving, with some trips downtown, mostly to The Fox. (I used to say, it's nice, but you should see Radio City.) As An Older Person with boyfriends I attended Parkside occasionally, then more regularly when I lived at The Stonestown Apts. There was a late 60s remodel (the ladies' room was nicer). A movie about WWI pilots (in color) was the feature when it reopened.

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