Re: Great Parkside Theater Photos

12/31/08 - posted by Matt

First off, how cool is it that the '64 photo of Parkside has "From Russia With Love" on the marquee. Sean Connery is James Bond, end of story. :-)

Thanks W.M. for posting the link to photos, the ones of the lobby and inside the theatre brought back a flood of memories. Interesting to look back now and notice the details of the interior -- the artwork around the screen, the doors (with circle windows) which lead into the viewing room, etc. Quite a difference from today's nondescript, compartmentalized megaplexes. "Progress" is a bit of a misnomer.

The Saturday matinees during the summer (late-60s) were 10c each; a strip of ten tickets were sold at my elementary school for $1. Usually they were Abbott and Costello, or Tarzan, or "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" fare. But the real entertainment was hanging out with your friends, eating WAY too much candy, and the occasional popcorn toss from the balcony. In later, high school years, I remember (sort of) the Friday Midnight showings, usually "Janis" or "Gimmie Shelter" or "Jimi Plays Monterey". The makeup of audience was still largely the same 'kids' from SatMatinee days, we were just older and had fewer braincells.

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