Re: Muni musings

05/09/09 - posted by jb

Forgot to mention the ubiquitous union "bug" printed on Bill's card. I recall a time when every scrap of paper in the City with ink on it had this union symbol. Seems it was as old as SF organized labor and served as a symbol of quality; scab work was obviously deemed inferior or seditious.

I don't see the "bug" much anymore but I haven't looked for it either. Has desktop printing and outsourcing erased most of the Printer Union's involvement? Has our society worked out all the bugs?

Wondering an 8 hour daze,

PS: Don't tell anyone, but with Bill's permision, I'd like to bootleg a copy of his card and keep it in my wallet for good luck. Right next to that "lucky" condom, embarrisingly purched from a pharmacist in Stonestown in 1966, and still in its original wrapper. So much for good luck!

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