Re: Muni musings

05/09/09 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

This is an interesting morals question, isn't it? Most, if not all, of us, were good, decent, obedient children. Many have previously commented on regular, unquestioned religious practices. The standards which controlled our lives were also unquestioned, at least thru high school. Yet, Muni suffered our various dishonesties. I never "nipped" a ride, as many here described, but if I hadn't been a girl, who knows? We used our car tickets for more than ten rides. As for the photocopied car tickets, by S.I. students no less--not possible in MY day--some formerly frightening Jesuits must be turning over in their graves at that revelation. We slid down that slipperly slope: We admit to robbing Muni without conscience years ago. We rationalized how it isn't so bad, everyone did it, and almost everyone did. Oh, well, we all stayed out of San Quentin, and held decent, even good, jobs. Many of us married permanently. Better to rob Muni, and get fraud out of our systems, I guess, rather than steal innocent investors' retirement savings.

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