Re: Muni musings

05/10/09 - posted by Sitton

As I remember the car tickets were gray. I'm thinking the card were called something else, but the word isn't coming to me. I remember the different punch designs also. I remember it would be pretty worn out by the end of the week. I don't remember where they were gotten. Guess me mom took care of that.
Mine went pretty quickly as I rode the 28 to Jefferson on 19th and Irving every school day. One time I was out of punches and had no money, but an older friend who lived near school bailed me out. What was the cost then, 20 cents perhaps?

For those of you who lived near West Portal you probably saw this muni mishap every now and then. I was standing in front of the West Portal Library taking a picture of the wonderful mural on the outside of the building, and the real flowers that were growing then when there was a commotion behind us.
Two munis got caught on each other. Somewhere I have the photo. If I find it I'll have to send it along.

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