Re: Muni musings:two tickets to paradise

05/08/09 - posted by jb

The 50 cent Muni card was the greatest gift I ever received, abeit via word-of-mouth from more sophisticated friends residing in the City. Five cents for an E-ticket ride all over the greatest city on the planet. Learning to use a transfer jettisoned me into the stratosphere; I became a seasoned Muninaunt, and like Charlie, 'could ride forever through the streets of...'

San Francisco. Where else could a kid feel so large in a City that seemed so big? Where else could a young lad learn to be a gentleman from perfect strangers? Where else could you ride through a tunnel with fog at one end and sunshine at the other,as if some monster atop twin peaks inhaled the day's gray dense drudgery and belched it back in the face of the setting sun?

The two most enjoyable rides of my life have been in the driver seat of a Corvette and the back seat of a Muni bus. Alas, the Corvette rides run far North of 5 cents.

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