Re: Muni musings - tunnel walking

05/11/09 - posted by Kevin

'I HAVE seen a couple "back bumper hitchhikers" grabbing a free ride on the L Taraval going into the tunnel at West Portal and getting off at Forest Hill once as I watched out the back window.'

Whoa! There's boredom & then there's 'death wish'. Had to have been a "I Triple dare YA"! <grin>
Not sure that one's ever been on my bucket list... it does sounds intriguing.
I had 2 friends back then who were into free & semi free rock climbing. One night they told me & one of their brothers they snuck up to Mt. Davidson & climbed the dang Cross! We scoffed & snickered until out came the photos fresh from the drug store of a Sunrise & the 2 of them!! Then the only sound heard was the murmur of the lava lamp. The next time I went up there I could see their petons in the concrete. I realize 'Off-Subject', (sorry)but has to be (@ the time)one of the most bizarre Sunset related stunts I'd heard of in my young life. The funny part is a few of you actually know 'of' one of these two Sir Hillary wannabes'. hee! K

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