Re: Muni musings

05/13/09 - posted by Frank Grant

Decades ago, and I am refering to the 1930s,our family home was on 20th Avenue, about half way between Vicente and Wawona. When we were ready for a trip on the #17 Street Car, we would look out the window and could see the car at 19th and Wawona, the end of the line. When the car started on its run, we would walk out the front door, walk up 20th Avenue and meet the car at Vicente as it rumbled up the

I could take this car to Polytechnic, when a student there, or on to my father's drug store, The Grant Drug Company at Haight and Scott Streets, not to mention shopping trips to downtown San Francisco.

We were saddend when they ended this line shortly after the end of World War II.


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