Re: Muni musings

05/14/09 - posted by don paolino

Amen to that Jo Anne Q about the 28 line. I took that one sometimes from school at St. Monicas and thence to Fulton where I got off.
I have two stories about that line.
Sometime in early 60s Muni started to put old refurbished White buses into service on that line. They probably dated from WWII or so. I got on one and there were a lot of funny grinding noises going up the hill to Balboa along 25th. I thought the whole transmission was going to fall out.
One day I was on one 28 bus and the stop at 25th and Balboa was coming up and there were lots of kids waiting there and of course the bus was SRO and then some so the driver had to bypass the stop; However, some of the kids got desperate and ripped the octagonal red stop sign off its post and stepped into the street and held out the sign in front of the driver! luckily no one was run over.

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