Re: Train of Thought

05/20/09 - posted by jb

In a rare pensive moment, I wonder what truly carries us to this website beyond the obvious? Might it be that our memories are linked and connected like Muni cars and carried along until the brakes squeal and the doors swing open to let both, the new and old, enter and exit? And in doing so, do we not also pick up new friends, old acquaintances or the occasional stranger with experiences that either validate or enrich our own? Like kids along the streetcar line, we press our ears to the tracks, awaiting sounds of distant rumblings, if for nothing more than to place a lucky penny on the track and wait for its transformation; a memory enlarged, slightly distorted and polished by the weight of so many wheels or simply changed beyond recognition and tossed in an old jar for good luck.

Are the joys and wonders of childhood destined to follow us forever like a puppy, or our own shadow? Did the 60s care-free culture spring from days of spinning endlessly in Golden Gate Park until wed fall to the lawn and watch the sky go round and round? Were Fillmore light shows inspired by the strobe effects of streetcars passing through the Twin Peaks tunnel with their lights dimmed and flickering? Is sand and beach tar on our feet the eternal badges of courage for conquering Ocean Beach in August? Have we breathed in so much foggy air that the moisture has mixed with our blood and bone to become part of us; and we, part of it?

There is a Twilight Zone episode where a harried and hapless businessman gets off in a town of gentler times. Maybe this message board is our Willoughby, save for the terminal etching on the rear window glass. Just mind your step when you exit at the Tunnel.

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