Re: Train of Thought

05/21/09 - posted by jb

Actually Ken, this story was introduced and inspired by
an SF ex-pat who fortunately forgot to pack a piece of his heart when he moved to the foothills. I met him on the train 4 years ago and we struck up a conversation and kinship based on a mutual view of the City which is slightly outdated and askew, like some aging calendar hanging over the tarnished cash register of an Avenue greasy spoon.

When I read his posts, it's like wrapping cold-morning hands around a warm cup of Joe and finding an abandoned Chronicle, already turned to Herb Caen, resting on the adjacent stool. Suddenly, those two eggs over-easy look up, bright eyed, and smile. The radio is blowing KFRC from the kitchen which, along with the smell of bacon, flows through a sheet metal time portal; the diner's checks circle around the carousel like a schoolyard May pole dance: The sun hits the snooze button and a thick blanket of fog is once again pulled up to our chins. Ocean Beach stretches and waves to the L car, now running late up Taraval. Donuts, still warm from an oil bath, look on in wonder...The City is waking up.

Thanks for the coffee,

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