Re: Muni musings~rumbling and grumbling

06/16/10 - posted by jb

Wow! I can hardly believe this but I just got on-line and found a way for MUNI to take us from Stonestown to a secret meeting location for this Saturdays WNP Walk and then onto the deYoung for the Impressionist exhibit.

And I didn't have to engage one single human being! No questions, no dialog, no group discussion on the best way to reach my destination, no matron taking me under her wing and making sure I got off when i was supposed to...all of the interaction I enjoyed when I was 10 and would go to Angel Island for lunch can now be dispensed with like a styrofoam cup.

Time was that I could have made these trips with one eye closed and just watch the people, to know where I was heading. And all for a nickle. At least one thing hasn't changed: I can still buy my fare in has gone up to $2.00

That is quite a jump when you consider it is 40x the cost in about 50 years. Given this was my house in Westlake, the price would be $1,080,000.

Seems like all this technology has evolved at quite a price...Still, taking a cab would run us ~$90 instead of $8 for the MUNI...wheeew, now I feel better.

Looking forward to the walk and seeing some of you this Saturday. Should be the big fun and we may just walk by my grandparents old homestead.


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