Re: Muni musings

05/09/09 - posted by Kevin

I seem to recall the ads above the windows like cove molding of rectangular placards. The one that comes to mind was from (obviously)a very proud Chinese grandfather who had his twin g-daughters displayed, advertising his restaraunt in Chinatown. Damned if I can remember the name... Living so close to the WP tunnel, we'd often see the mast come off its overhead power-line on the turn. So (usually summertime) one of us would zip over & replace it before the operator could get out of his seat. That would earn us either a wave of thanks or an admonishment.
Or staring at a pic of the 'Muni Man of the Month', while heading home from crabbing @ Muni Pier on the 25? bus. Wondering, just what was that sweet smoke smell coming from the long line of guys playing their cunga drum along the seawall? <grin> OK, 'end of the line', have a good weekend!


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