Re: West Portal Station-gone but not forgotten

08/21/09 - posted by Ken

Like many of you, I rode in streetcars through Twin Peaks Tunnel many years. Being too young to know any better, I never attached any historical importance to the tunnel itself, it was simply a means to an end: a way to get to and from school. The one exception was Christmastime, when the West Portal facade was draped with huge props to make it look like a fireplace on Christmas Eve. That was cool! Now that's all gone.
Are we just a bunch whiners who spend too much time at our keyboards, lamenting the ruination of The City in general and the Western Neighborhoods in particular? No...we're more than that. We are folks who cherish our memories of grand buildings, good schools and fine people. Whether we lived in the Outsidelands, or worked there or just visited, we know those neighborhoods were special parts of an extraordinary city.
All I do for the WNP is pay my dues and crank out a post every once in awhile. I wish I could join many of you in the larger efforts and maybe some day I can. Either way, I am proud to be with you folks, sharing a profound appreciation for the way things were and doing whatever we can to preserve what we still have.

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