Re: West Portal Station-gone but not forgotten

08/21/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Thank you Ken! Here's to all the "whiners" who lament the destruction of the West Portal Tunnel facade, including me.

Aside from supporting the good old WNP, I recently discovered that you can be a volunteer for other organizations dedicated to preserving SF memories, whether in our old neighborhood or not. I spent a few weeks transcribing information regarding the graduating class lists for St. Cecilia (1960), Presentation(1964), St. Rose (1961-1962), Wilkins Private High School (1963) and Lone Mountain (1965 through 1968), which was then provided to for their school database webpages. (I see Frank Dunnigan has also contributed to other areas of this website.)

I provided a lot of ancestor names to the San Francisco Virtual Museum to add to their list of those who survived (or did not survive) the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

All of this was done from the comfort of my home in Oregon! I have offered to do more for SFGenealogy, if they have projects I could help with that do not require my physical presence.

If you have something you could offer, just go on to these sites and check out their information regarding volunteer work. And, of course, keep those memories, photos, etc. coming in to the Outsidelands (and pay your yearly dues on time!!).

The Western Neighborhoods Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.