Re: West Portal Station

08/21/09 - posted by jb

'These are the sort of things one ought to look at." Things without pretensions, satisfied to be merely themselves, sufficient in their Suchness, not acting a part, not trying, insanely, to go it alone, in isolation from the Dharma-Body, in Luciferian defiance of the grace of god." Aldous Huxley from "The Doors of Perception"~1963

And so it seems that our mind's eye takes us back to those visions we recall, if only from their absence. We do not possess the sore eyes of shopkeepers or the designer's eye that never closes in repose. We see what was beautiful in form, function and awe and hold it up anew, as one lifts a baby, all the while knowing the child we embrace is destined to grow, to change, to die; thus, remains the nature of our physical world.

What is preserved here most, by each and every one who stops to read or write a few lines, is integrity. And what a special gift this is!


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