Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

11/22/09 - posted by Naomi

In 57 I was in Miss Sweeny's 2nd grade class at Madison Elementary. There was a small foreshock because she used it to drill us on what to do. Just as she finished the biq quake struck and we all dove under our desks. It seemed to go on a long time-my desk mate Patsy had hysterics, grabbing my neck and sobbing that we were about to die. I wasn't that frightened, I think because I knew all my family members had survived the 06 quake (their property wasn't as lucky...). Several of the windows shattered but no one was hurt. My big sister came downstairs from her 5th grade classroom and we walked home to our 2nd floor apartment on Spruce St. Our mother told us our cat had howled and then jumped out the dining room window. She came back unhurt from the high jump later that night. I don't have many very clear memories of my childhood but that day is one of them.

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