Re: Earthquake memories: the August 1963 tremor

11/23/09 - posted by W. M.

The August 1963 quake is not one that I actually remember the tremor. As I mentioned, the NW corner sidewalk at 28th Ave & Rivera collapsed and this was the only damage I am aware of. We used to play baseball on that corner using the sewer covers as the bases and because of the damage we had to move our game to McCoppin Square until it was repaired.

There was a lot of small tremors...sometimes daily (at least it seemed) and like some of you said, it was a part of our day-to-day life in The City so many of these often went un-noticed. I remember sometimes being surprized to hear of a small quake on the news because I either didn't feel it or it was insignificant enough to ignore.

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