Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

03/22/13 - posted by Butch Colyear

When the earthquake hit I was in my classroom at Lafayette School, and I was tilting back on my chair! I almost fell, but I got the chair back down on all four fast. I remember thinking, "Hmm...the boiler must be acting up", not that I knew what a boiler was or if the school even had one. It scared me pretty well, and most of the other kids were scared too. One of the ceiling light fixtures had lost a screw and it was dangling and swaying a bit. I was sure it would fall on us, but somehow it held. We all got under our desks as the teacher instructed. A terribly frightened girl was under my desk with me; I felt bad for her. All other earthquakes paled in comparison to the '57...until the '89 of course, and we all have stories about that one!

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