Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

03/25/13 - posted by Rudy Funk

In '57 I was in my back yard on 42nd Ave & Anza. When the shaking started I looked up at my mom standing in the back doorway. It was the first earthquake I remember. Crazy.

I was in da Beeg One in Hawaii the '70s. I went there to surf along w/ G.L. and to meet up with others from Kelly's Cove. It was 7.9. We were living underneath some house on the Big Island when it started shakin' like Carol Doda. The house got tweaked and the door jammed shut. We finally got out and ran into the street. The palm trees were shaking like cheerleaders and the road was undulating. I truly did get down and started praying.....I thought it was the end of the World and I ain't talking no Skeeter Davis song here.

The last Earthquake I felt was that one on Easter Sunday a year or so ago that was centered near Mexicali. I was about 40 miles out in the desert on a hike along a dried up creek bed up in the hills. As I'm walking along on this warm sunny day I start to hear a booming kind of sound, like some lowriders were parked up ahead and they had the bass speakers goin' on. I knew there was no road nearby and I'm walking along trying to figure the noise thing out. It started getting louder and louder and all of the sudden the earth starts to sway and the noise is really loud. It wasn't possible to stay standing so I got down and held the ground and went for a ride. It gradually started to subside and the noise started to dissipate as well until the was no more motion and just a faint booming noise as when it first started. It was something else to experience that out in the middle of no place like that.....kinda makes a believer outta ya.

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